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shipping motor vehicles (cars & motorcycles) to & from Japan

Please note we only ship cars and motorcycles in conjunction with a client's personal/household effects shipment

Due to the attractive cost and availability of motor cars in Japan, including a car in a shipment is one of our most common extra requests. We can also accomodate clients who wish to bring their car or motorcycle into Japan when they arrive.


Documents required for exporting Cars or Motor Cycles

If you need assistance in de-registering your car, we are able to perform this service for a small fee.


You can import a used car or motor cycle "duty free" provided that the vehicle is at least 6 months old. Make sure to fill our the Japan Customs Declaration Form and keep a copy when you enter Japan. Required documentation for vehicle import is as follows:

The phrase "Duty Free" is somewhat misleading. There is no import duty or consumption tax levied; however there will be a "Model Approval" fee of around JPY ¥200,000, as well as an "Automobile Acquisition" tax of 5% on the depreciated value of the vehicle.

If you are planning to import a car newer than 6 months old, please contact us for detailed information, as this will fall under the category of a commercial import.

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